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Online Orientation Software can be a good option if your school is looking for an online program to help them get started. It is customizable, simple to use and can integrate with your school database. You’ll learn about the cost and its features in this article. To get the best results, no matter if you use an online orientation program or a paper-based one, these are some of our top tips.

Flexible. Online Orientation Software’s adaptive, custom-branded design makes it easy and fun to present a student orientation. You can engage students by using gamification or learning objectives. The program features gamified and flexible slide layouts make it easy to include images, text, or other relevant content to meet the needs of your students. Online Orientation Software allows you to quickly update orientation materials, without having to hire IT personnel or hire an instructional designer.


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Online Orientation Software connects processes and people to support student success. Online Orientation Software has been evaluated during validation for compatibility with Ellucian. This company is the Ethos Partner Integration Catalog’s first to feature orientation production. This team was innovative in their customization approach, which allowed them to create orientation software that is both educationally relevant and student-friendly.

Online orientation software gives colleges the ability to offer a fun experience to new students, their staff, as well as families. The software’s adaptive design allows students access to orientation content anywhere they are. Online Orientation Software was used to assist many clients in creating custom orientations. Over 200 institutions, from three different countries, have used the software. Online Orientation Software, a cloud-based customizable platform, can be used by institutions all over the world.

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Online orientation software provides many benefits. It integrates with the school database so you can personalize students’ experiences and give information about your campus. System allows for meaningful feedback including comprehension scores and participation. Best of all? Online Orientation Software is always available, so it’s easy for you to access your data wherever you happen to be. Online orientation software offers unbeatable benefits.


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Very easy to use. A large student body is one of your biggest problems. This may not seem like a major problem, but a university or college’s student population is composed of many individuals from different backgrounds who need to get along well. Although there are so many options out there, choosing the right company for online orientations may prove difficult.


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Online Orientation Software offers multi-media design services and custom software development. This company is certified female-owned and is America’s largest online orientation producer. Digital specialists are available, as is UX, programming, video production, and project management. Online Orientation Software, the company’s best-selling product, is currently used by 200 universities in three European countries. This software has been used by over 200 institutions of higher learning in three countries to offer a positive online experience and facilitate a smooth transition from a high school or college into a college or university.

ADG also provides upgraded orientation packages. Administrators are able to use an overview report to help keep track of student progress through online orientation. They can even set up reminders to students about important dates like orientations. ADG’s online software for orientation allows you to quickly create and distribute a seamless experience that is accessible to students, faculty, staff, and others. Online Orientation Software is a team of experts who have built the most effective onboarding programs.

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Online Orientation Software helps educators create memorable experiences for students, families, and staff. This web-based option is more convenient than traditional lectures. It can be accessed from any location, at any time, on any device. Users can quickly access hundreds of videos to find the information they are looking for. Teachers can also use the company’s services to create engaging content for students. Online Orientation Software offers flexibility because it is customizable and cloud-based.

Integrates with school databases. An important element of any school’s operation is the integration of a student record system. The integration of a student information system helps to ensure that the latest information flows from a master data base to a record database and into other data repositories like the school’s student records system. Ms. Banks could have Jane’s information updated in three separate databases without an integrated student info system. This would take up time and be very inefficient. There are options that make it possible to integrate student information systems seamlessly.

Integration is key between the student information system (SIS) and the learning management system (LMS). Each school is responsible for connecting these two systems. Many schools prefer to use Student Information Systems, which stores data including family information and information regarding students. Schoolbox has its own project management team that can seamlessly integrate student and staff data. There are certain challenges when SIS and LMS systems can be integrated.

Independent schools can use many applications to manage student information. Schools Interoperability Framework, (SIF), has been in use for more than a decade. It has assisted school districts to standardize their data. This is however not cost effective at scale as every application needs to be connected to a server in the zone. Additionally, this solution is not viable at scale. Effective school districts must be equipped with a zone Integration Server as well as a SIF Agent to process each application.

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An example of how to make use of a database is the multimedia game that’s based on student writing. You could create an interactive multimedia game to review the unit or reinforce key concepts. Student could create fields in the database to record author name, date and genre. These fields may be divided into separate tables.

Most districts have legacy systems. But they can also be expensive. These outdated interfaces are difficult to use and can cause data corruption. Teachers may not be able to create comprehensive reports because of this. Teachers often have limited time, so they are forced to use it for classroom activities. They don’t have time to analyse student data. For understanding student behaviour and academic performance, it is important to have a record of attendance. However, a school database doesn’t provide all the information necessary for school administrators.

Pricing. Online Orientation Software provides online software that you can use to create an orientation program for your students and new employees. You can create an interactive virtual onboarding environment that engages your target audience and educates them about your company with this orientation software. You will have the ability to access it anywhere you want and from any device. The question is, how much does it cost? Continue reading to learn more.

Online Orientation Software’s online orientation software prices vary depending upon the features chosen. Students typically pay around $2,000 for the software. It is an affordable price considering its features and ease-of-use. Online Orientation Software’s software has many benefits that far exceed the price. Students can install the software in just a few hours and use it immediately.


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