Transcript: Jane Fonda calls for diversity in Golden Globe nominees and voters.


“We’re a storytelling community, aren’t we?” Jane Fonda said on Sunday night as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award, presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association during the Golden Globes for Lifetime Achievement in Film. “And in turbulent, troubled times like these, storytelling has always been essential.”

In her six decades in Hollywood, 83-year-old Fonda has helped tell dozens, if not hundreds, of stories. On her way she won several awards and won two Oscars for best actress (1971 for “Klute” and 1978 for “Coming Home”) and eight Golden Globes, in 1960 for the first time for “Tall Story”. She is the 16th woman to receive the award, the association’s highest award for film professionals that has been presented since 1952.

During this time, Fonda went her own way not only as an actress, but also as a producer, documentary filmmaker and activist passionate about global peace, human rights and climate change (a reason she was arrested multiple times in 2019). On Sunday she took time to address the diversity issues of the award ceremony. “There’s a story we were scared to see and hear about ourselves in this industry,” she said. “A story about which voices we respect and raise and which ones we turn off, a story about who offered a seat at the table and who is kept away from the rooms where decisions are made.”


Apr. 28, 2021, 11:14 p.m. ET

Here is Fonda’s acceptance speech in its entirety:

Oh my god thank you Thank you, all members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I am so moved to receive this honor. Thank you. You know – hi, Amy – we’re a storytelling community, aren’t we? And in turbulent, troubled times like these, storytelling has always been essential. You see, stories have a way – they can change our hearts and minds, they can help us see ourselves in a new light and show empathy. To realize that despite all the diversity, we are human first, right? You know, I’ve seen a lot of variety in my long life and at times I’ve been challenged to understand some of the people I’ve met, but inevitably when my heart is open and I look beneath the surface, I feel kinship.



Robert Dunfee