How to Choose the BEST Pier & Beam Foundation Contractor (Interview Checklist)

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How to Choose the BEST Pier & Beam Foundation Contractor (Interview Checklist) – Latest News Today

There is one thing for certain about any foundation: it is only a matter of time before it moves. Unlike a slab foundation cracking, a pier and beam foundation has the additional flexibility to dip and rise like a roller coaster. When it comes to repairs, you want to choose a pier and beam foundation repair contractor who can spot the source of the problem and get you back to level. Many of these also apply to slab on grade foundation repair contractors as well.

1. Try to know where the problems are in your pier and beam foundation before picking up the phone.
2. Get recommendations.
3. Get more than one bid.
4. Make sure you are on the same page as the pier and beam foundation repair companies.
5. Make a checklist for each company you interview and ask this same set of questions. I’ve included our checklist along with an explanation behind why we asked each question in this blog post:
6. Expect it to cost more and the damage to be more extensive than expected.
7. Go with your gut.

These points should prepare you for choosing the right pier and beam foundation repair contractor. Hopefully, yours goes well without any project creep. If not, at least you picked a good one.

Super chapped lips and major drywall dust on my shirt and face–we’re working on selling the house above the crawlspace and I was sanding some drywall repairs (caused by the foundation repairs) prior to this “break” involving a video shoot.


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