Finally, the Bangladeshi covid vaccine 'Bangavax’ coming soon for human use


The good news for the people of the country finally came from the vaccine manufacturer Globe Biotech in Bangladesh. The Bangavax vaccine will be tested on the human body later this year. This Bangladeshi vaccine has shown good results in examining the monkey’s body. See the video for details. Finally, the Bangladeshi COVID vaccine “Bangavax” for human use is coming soon. Recently, the media reported that the Bangladesh Covid-19 vaccine is coming from Bangladesh for human testing in their COVID19 Vaccine Update News. During the pandemic, people are also looking for a Covid-19 vaccine update for Bangladesh as most middle-income and poor countries are now short of Covid-19 vaccines. The government of Bangladesh is also trying to provide a coronavirus vaccine. Currently, mRNA vaccine production is high worldwide, but vaccine storage facilities are a major challenge, especially the mRNA COVID vaccine. Such types of storage, transportation, and distribution of COVID19 vaccines require an ultra-cold freezer, which is costly and a major logistical challenge for health workers. The Covid19 vaccine Bangladesh Bangavax can be stored for up to 6 months at -20 degrees Celsius and during vaccination it could be better to wear and during mass vaccination at the base. The Bangavax agency tells the media that the vaccine can develop an immune response against Delta and other variants of COVID or coronavirus by boosting COVID antibodies and the immune system against the virus. With that one could successfully fight against COVID19, protect oneself against the coronavirus in Bangladesh. The Rupantar You Tube Channel created this video based on a viewer’s request from another video commentary asking for an update on the vaccine from Bangladesh. Rafiqul Islam Khokan developed the script based on current media information. ________________________________________________ # Covi19vaccine #bangavax #coronavirus #Rupantar __________________________________________________ Chapter: 0:00 Chapter 1 – Introduction 1:27 Chapter 2 – Channel intro 1:43 Chapter 3 – Corona vaccine production 5:14 Chapter 4 – The journey from Bangavax 6:56 Chapter 5 – Difficulties and Success of Bangavax 9:22 Chapter 6 – Conclusion __________________________________________________ Source for video, image and media links: A6% AC% E0% A6% 99% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% 97% E0% A6% AD% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% AF% E0% A6% BE% E0% A6% 95% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% B8% E0% A7% 87% E0% A6% B0-% E0% A6% A8% E0% A7% 88% E0% A6% A4% E0% A6 % BF% E0% A6% 95-% E0% A6% 9B% E0% A6% BE% E0% A7% 9C% E0% A6% AA% E0% A6% A4% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% B0-% E0% A6% A8% E0% A6% BF% E0% A7% 9F% E0% A7% 87-% E0% A6% B8% E0% A6% BF% E0% A6% A6% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% A7% E0% A6% BE% E0% A6% A8% E0% A7% 8D% E0% A6% A4-% E0% A6% B9% E0% A6% A4% E0% A7% 87 -% E0% A6% AA% E0% A6% BE% E0% A6% B0% E0% A7% 87-% E0% A6% 86% E0% A6% 9C
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