Coronavirus live news: WHO says lab leak theory ‘unlikely’ but cannot identify animal that carried virus | World news

The press conference is now over.

Previously, we reported comments from Liang Wannian, an expert on the Chinese National Health Commission and a member of the WHO team, that the hypothesis that the virus was developed by humans has been “completely refuted” by the scientific community. A reader now emphasizes that this is not exactly the case.

A new pre-print paper, written by nine scientists and submitted to Cornell University, calls for an “open debate” and sheds light on questions about the almost consensual view that the virus has a natural zoonotic origin.

Meanwhile, there have been recent reports highlighting how many reports were devoted to calls to end wet markets at the start of the pandemic, but there is still little evidence that they actually came from the Huanan market.

The Telegraph reported over the weekend: “There is no evidence of natural overflow. There is also no evidence of a laboratory accident. However, details of closely related virus research and related secrecy carried out by a laboratory in Wuhan are becoming harder and harder to dismiss … A growing number of experts agreed when we told them a lab leak was still a plausible scientific hypothesis that needs to be investigated, regardless of how likely or unlikely. “

The paper listed these experts as follows: Dr. Francois Balloux, Ralph S. Baric, Trevor Bedford, Jesse Bloom, Bruno Canard, Etienne Decroly, Richard H. Ebright, Michael B. Eisen, Gareth Jones, Filippa Lentzos, Michael Z. Lin, Marc Lipsitch, Stuart Ein Newman, Rasmus Nielsen , Megan J. Palmer, Nikolai Petrovsky, Angela Rasmussen, and David A. Relman.



Robert Dunfee