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English coronavirus rules prohibit groups from gathering for protests and police warned people on Saturday not to go to planned demonstrations in central London, including by anti-lockdown activists.

Police have been criticized for using persistent tactics on March 13 to break an outdoor vigil for the 33-year-old Sarah Everard. A police officer was charged with her kidnapping and murder.

More protests followed, fueled by anger over the government’s plans to tighten the demonstration law.

The Legislature Group, including the Conservative MP Steve Baker, and Ed DaveyThe Liberal Democrat leader said protest should not be a crime.

“We urge you to expressly exempt protests from meeting restrictions,” said the letter, which was organized by the campaign groups Liberty and Big Brother Watch.

The Home Office, known as the Home Office, responded that the Covid-19 regulation will remain in force until March 29 and can resume once the protests have ended, subject to agreed social distancing measures.

“While we are still in a pandemic, we continue to urge people to avoid mass gatherings, in line with more general coronavirus restrictions,” a spokeswoman said.

Police said a major operation was going to take place in London deal with anyone violating the provisions of Covid-19, adding that all protesters will be asked to return home or face fines or arrests.



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