Bản tin Covid-19 ngày 24.9: Sản xuất thành công vắc xin Sputnik V | Bao giờ lao động trở lại TP.HCM?


#thoisuthanhnien #tinnongthanhnien #phongsuthanhnien The Covid-19 bulletin of the Thanh Nien newspaper is live on September 24, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. on, YouTube, Facebook of the Thanh Nien newspaper, Thanh Nien newspaper page on 2 social networks Lotus and TikTok. Editor Truc Huynh will be with you in today’s newsletter. According to statistics, around 1,500 children in Ho Chi Minh City alone lost their parents and guardians due to the Covid 19 epidemic during the complicated epidemic. In view of this painful situation, the Thanh Nien newspaper started the “Going forward with your child” program. We hope for the collaboration and help from our readers, audiences and benefactors. Accepting donations: Account number: 14710000000115 – BIDV Bank – Ba Thang Hai branch, Ho Chi Minh City Account holder: Thanh Nien Zeitung Contents: “Help for orphans due to the Covid-19 epidemic” Covid Newsletter September 24, 2021 of the Thanh Nien Newspaper, It Will Be Notable Information: 👉 ​​Thousands of New Cases Nationwide 👉 Plan to Welcome Workers Back to Ho Chi Minh City 👉 Vietnam Successfully Produced Batches The First Sputnik-V Vaccine 👉 Can Gio District develops a plan for students who are supposed to go back to school 👉 HCM City is studying vaccinations for children 👉 HCM City shortens the distance of 2 AstraZeneca vaccinations 👉 Dispatcher Ho Chi Minh City has switched off the app, it no longer works because it Has not been tested for Covid-19 👉 Being tested for Covid-19 service, the carrier was surprised: ‘Losing money but still waiting a long time’ 👉 No money to buy equipment for kids to study online, woman The mother of the fishing village cried and suffocated 👉 Sanctioned the owner of a roast duck shop in Dong Ha that was open for sale during the quarantine day We invite you to follow the Covid-19 news on September 24, 2021 and ask questions to interact directly with editor Truc Huynh on the platforms of the Thanh Nien newspaper on September 24, 2021 at 8 p.m. ——– Subscribe to the channel to see the latest news:

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