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350-Square-Foot Tiny Toronto Studio Apartment Photos


Surname: Tisha Riman and cat Poe (not pictured because she likes to sleep under the bed all day)
Place: Toronto, Ontario
Type of house: studio flat
Size: 350 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year rent

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: I moved into this tiny studio apartment a year ago. I didn’t plan to move, but fell in love with how bright and cozy it was. I really liked the open concept and appreciated that there was plenty of room to move around in the kitchen. I work as a recipe developer / food stylist, so I’m always in the kitchen. It was big enough to squeeze into a kitchen island, which was very convenient. Oh, and my pole for pole dance. (Finding an apartment in Toronto big enough to fit out was a challenge. I was thrilled that there was just enough space!) It’s definitely a quirky apartment: my bathroom is hidden in a closet, I have a tiny claw foot tub, and my closet is in my kitchen. Still, it’s my own space and I love it.

Everything in my apartment is soft and light. I wanted it to be a welcoming, yet quiet space, so I kept the walls relatively bare and added soft bits and bells and whistles to make it feel warm. My favorite piece of furniture is my green velvet sofa. It was a boon, but it really pulls the entire space together (and bonus: it’s actually comfy!). The double mirrors are also great for my pole training: I can see what I’m doing from the kitchen and it feels like I’m in a dance studio!

Describe the style of your house in a maximum of 5 words: Cozy, boho, airy

What is your favorite room and why? I mean, it’s really just one big room that is very beautiful for one person. But honestly, my favorite room has to be the bathroom. It’s just so weird. You open what feels like a closet and have to go through all of my coats. It feels like walking through Narnia’s closet just to take a bubble bath. But I’m also obsessed with the claw-foot tub, I’ll admit, I hardly fit into soaking!

What was the last thing you bought (or found!) For your home? I actually shot the smaller mirror stacked with the big one for free! I had already bought the larger mirror when I found this one, but I was determined to get it fit! Oh the pampas grass was a new purchase too. I was afraid my cat would try to nibble on it, but so far, so good!

Any advice for creating a home that you love? Find nicer barter deals for everyday items. I’ve found that just swapping out my cat’s litter box for a nicer one, or getting a copper strainer instead of a plastic one, really brings it all together. If you are terrible with plants, opt for plants that don’t require much or no attention. I have a snake plant, some pampas grass, and eucalyptus because I can basically put them and forget about them. (Oh, and the violin sheet is wrong.) And finally decorate it with everyday objects. I have a lot of my decor just books that won’t fit my bookshelf or food styling props that won’t fit my closets. If you live in a studio everything is there, so I had to get creative with where things are going.

The responses and photos of this submission have been edited for length / size and clarity.



Robert Dunfee