Victoria records one new locally acquired case of Covid-19 | Australia news

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Victoria registered a new locally acquired Covid-19 case just a day after Melbourne emerged from a two-week lockdown.

Victorian authorities say an investigation into the source of the acquisition is ongoing and will provide more details later on Saturday.

On Friday, authorities confirmed that there were no new local cases in the state and only one new case in hotel quarantine. This marked the first day without a local case of Covid-19 since the 24th of the state’s 86-day streak with no community broadcast.

Acting Prime Minister James Merlino said Friday that testing levels need to be higher.

“If you live in the Craigieburn area and haven’t been tested … please go out today and get tested,” he told reporters on Friday.

The most recent outbreak spread across the Whittlesea local government area to the north of the city and the coastal suburb of Port Melbourne, forcing Melbourne to a two-week “breaker” lockdown that ended Friday.

Separately, a family from West Melbourne became infected with the highly contagious Delta Tribe and it also became a cluster during the lockdown.

Under the new Melbourne restrictions, indoor and outdoor masks will remain mandatory and people will have to be within 15 miles of their home unless they work or study, care for care or receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

A ban on home gatherings remains in effect, but up to 10 people can meet outdoors, students can return to schools, retail stores can reopen, and restaurants can resume seating.

Prof. Sutton defended the rules for wearing masks outdoors at Friday’s press conference, saying it was a “really important intervention” to reduce the risk of transmission.

“The rose garden in front of the White House is a classic example of a super-spreader event that happened outdoors, so it cannot be dismissed as a broadcast possibility,” he said.

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