The Bachelor: Are Matt and Rachael Still Together?


If you were wondering who Matt James picked as the final pick for this tumultuous season at ABC The bachelorYou probably won’t be surprised to find out they are no longer together. On February 22nd, James spoke about the controversy that has raged Bachelor Nation in recent weeks. Reflecting on how the controversy sparked necessary discussions about representation in the undergraduate franchise, he condemned Chris Harrison’s troubling comments, admitting that they were “devastating and heartbreaking”.

A quick refresher for everyone, in January fans revealed Rachael Kirkconnell’s participation in an antebellum-themed fraternity celebration in 2018, as well as detailed rumors of alleged racist comments, cultural appropriation, and popular photos promoting all kinds of bigotry in the past. On February 9, Rachel interviewed Lindsay Harrison on extra. He started a tirade in defense of Kirkconnell and then decided to resign after being called out for continued racism.

While James didn’t directly address the Kirkconnell issue, other than that their photos were disappointing, Reality Steve fans learned that James Kirkconnell gave his final rose in the January 21, not-yet-aired finale for Emma Gray and Claire Fallon’s from HuffPost’s the Bachelor is no longer with the 24-year-old.

Neither James nor Kirkconnell have commented on the status of their relationship, which makes sense since the finale has not yet aired. We’ll learn more during the “After the Final Rose” episode on March 15th, when we also learn who is hosting Harrison’s hosting for the special.



Robert Dunfee