Govt allows export Covid vaccine Sputnik Light | స్పుత్నిక్ లైట్ ఎగుమతులకు కేంద్రం అనుమతి


The central government has approved the export of the domestically manufactured single-dose covid vaccine Sputnik Light. Sputnik light vaccine is manufactured in our country by Hetero Bio Pharma Company ….. The use of Sputnik Light in an emergency has not yet been approved by the center. In this regard, the center has approved the export of the domestically manufactured Sputnik-Light vaccine from Hetero Bio Pharma. The government has agreed to export 40 lakh doses of the lightweight Sputnik vaccine to Russia. Until the emergency use of the Sputnik Light vaccine is approved in India …… The Center made this decision at the request of the Russian Ambassador to export the manufactured vaccine to their country …….. #EtvAndhraPradesh # LatestNews # NewsOfTheDay #EtvNews ———————————————– ———- —– ———————————– ———————- —– ———————– – ☛ Download the ETV Win App to see all ETV channels for Android and IOS:
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