Coronavirus live news: EU drug agency to respond to AstraZeneca blood clot concerns; Delhi imposes curfew | World news

Immunization programs were upset after a small number of reports found that recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccination had extremely rare blood clots, prompting some countries around the world to discontinue use out of caution.

A senior official from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said in an interview published Tuesday that there is a link between the vaccine and rare blood clots in the brain, but the possible causes are still unknown.

The EMA later said in a statement that its review of the vaccine was still ongoing. She will keep up to date with her investigation on Wednesday afternoon.

AstraZeneca previously said its studies had not found an increased risk of clotting because of the vaccine, which has been given millions of doses around the world.

While many countries have resumed the use of the shot, some have imposed age restrictions.

In many cases, officers have scratched their heads on what to do for people who have received a first dose of AstraZeneca but are no longer eligible under the new rules.

Although the numbers are small compared to the millions vaccinated in the area, the decision matters because it hasn’t been tested in late-stage human studies.

Any deviation from the EMA’s marketing authorization is also considered “off-label use”, which means that it is not approved by the regulator and that individual countries are responsible for possible side effects.

The EMA had no immediate comment when asked about vaccine mixing and matching and referred to the briefing later on Wednesday.

Some experts say that since all vaccines target the same external “spike” protein of the virus, they could work together to prepare the body to fight the virus. There is no evidence that it will be that effective.



Robert Dunfee