Coronavirus Australia live update: Covid vaccine rollout suffers major setback as under-50s told to avoid AstraZeneca | Australia news

We have been constructive all the way.

There would not have been a day that either Chris Bowen, while he was the Health Shadow, or Mark Butler since, or I as leader, or Penny Wong as Senate Chairman, have not pointed out some of the weaknesses in im [Australia’s] Strategy. That is our job to be constructive.

We did our job, Scott Morrison didn’t do his job, and he only had one job to get this vaccine rollout right. And it is this failure that undermines the future, because anyone who has watched last night’s media conference would have seen a prime minister, a health minister, confused and insecure.

It is Scott Morrison who said he was promising too little and delivering too much when he said four million Australians would be vaccinated by the end of March. The fact that this did not happen is undermining trust, and the undermining of that lies precisely with Scott Morrison.



Robert Dunfee