Australia news live: TGA mulls EU advice on AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and clots; pharmacies oppose NSW mass vaccination plan | Australia news

We are trained and experienced in vaccination … We have set up the counseling rooms and are ready to go. We only travel for a lot of Australians who visit us an average of at least 18 times a year.

How does this idea of ​​mass vaccination work when I have to go to a football stadium for my Covid shot? Assuming I’m in a city near a football stadium, I would have to take my week off and then get to the stadium in traffic, probably with my young family in tow, waiting for my shot for hours in close quarters with hundreds of others which puts us all at greater risk of community transmission and then waiting to find a way home for all of us.

Why shouldn’t I just want to go to my pharmacy from home for a weekend? I could be back home in 30 minutes without disturbing my family and without risk of community transmission. It just doesn’t make sense.



Robert Dunfee